Shipping Information

Shipping Information and Options


We encourage customers to pick up their coop and chooks directly from us in Ryde, thus saving the delivery fee. I find that I have the time to either deliver the chooks or to make coops, but rarely both.

For this, you will need a ute, a box trailer, an armoured progeny carrier (or did I mean 4WD urban-assault vehicle), or roof racks. The coops are larger than they look.

We can also prepare the coop for transport (like a flatpack) in a full-size station wagon such as a Camry or Commodore.  You need to check the space you have in your car/APC against the coop dimensions (in flatpack form) here:

  • Standard coop 1.8m X 0.9m X 0.2m (and weighs approx 25kg); and
  • Extra Large coop 1.8m X 1.3m X 0.2m (and weighs approx 40kg).

Assembled coops are 950mm high for the standard coop and 1250mm high for the XL, if you are thinking it might fit in your car/van/troop carrier.

When coming to pick up please bring a box to put the chooks in, a cardboard box like a wine carton will do.  If you bring a wine carton we will take the wine out and put the chooks in (Barossa red preferred thankyou).

Many customers have found that, even if they don’t have a vehicle themselves, it can be cost effective to rent a box trailer or ute for a few hours to pick up the coop and chooks.  You might be surprised how cheap it can be.

Most important – Don’t forget to bring rope or proper ties to secure the coop to your vehicle.  When I say rope, I mean real rope – good stuff, not baling twine or kitchen string.  Occy straps won’t cut it either.

Delivery within Sydney

As chooks are live animals we cannot entrust their delivery to a courier company.  Also, when we deliver the coop (or when you pick it up) we take the time to explain chook keeping and maintenance of the coop the easy way.  The delivery charge includes setting up in your yard and as much time as you need to answer all your questions (and build your confidence in your new venture).  Delivery charges:

  • Local to Ryde – $80;
  • Northern Sydney – $90;
  • Inner West – $100;
  • Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Sydney South – $120; and
  • Sutherland Shire and environs – $14,000 (It’s just too far!)

Deliveries on Sydney’s outskirts (no offence meant if you live there, but it is further away for us) such as Penrith/Lapstone, Campbelltown, Windsor will cost you your inheritance.

Another (and cheaper) alternative to delivery is renting a box trailer (if you have a tow ball) or a half-day rent of a ute from the local servo.

Please Note:  Delivery charges assume we can carry the coop to your yard directly.  Even the standard coop is too wide to fit through a standard household door and the Middie is just plain huge.  If in doubt, please let us know beforehand and we can bring a cordless screwdriver to dismantle the coops and reassemble them in the yard.  We charge an extra $10 for the time to do this.  Understandably, if you don’t let us know and we have to take the coop home with us we have to hit you up for a second delivery fee.

Outside Greater Sydney

I’m afraid that we no longer have a long distance freight company since our one closed and while we are happy to prepare the coop for freight, customers will need to organise their own freight.  For country areas, we have found that local freight and removals companies usually offer an excellent price and service.


If you are buying our fantastic Certified Organic Stockfeed only you have two options:

  1. Pickup from us in Ryde (available 7 days); or
  2. Pickup from us in Ryde (available 7 days)

I’m afraid out courier company went Kafut and we no longer despatch feed by courier.

All other small items are available for pickup only.  Come for a drive to sunny Ryde!