Rentachook Launches a New Website

After 10 years or so on our old website platform, the wheels of change have started rolling and we have just migrated Rentachook to a new platform.  To be honest, an old luddite like me doesn’t even know what “migrate” and “platform” mean in this context, but it has been done at my behest.

The wheels of change have hit some potholes, and the site requires a bit of work to do what it used to.  In the meantime:

  • For existing customers, don’t worry, we still do the same stuff in the same shambolic way.
  • For new customers, if you have any questions at all, please just text me on 0409 246 651 and I will text or call you back.

Ultimately, Rentachook itself hasn’t changed, we still encourage people to get into keeping chooks as productive pets by providing everything needed to keep them at home, at school, at work, at a retirement village, anywhere really.

We make robust, sustainable chicken coops and provide the finest hens, AND we happily take them back if it doesn’t work out.  If you keep them you bought them, if you return them, you rented them.

Rentachook – Freeranging since 2001!


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