The Eco-Coop Package




The Eco-Coop comes as a package comprising a standard chicken coop, 2 hens, a feeder, a waterer, straw, and 6 weeks food to get you started – everything you need to get you started keeping chooks in your backyard  It also includes a (signed if you’d like) copy of Backyard Chickens – How to Keep Happy Hens.  If you already have a copy of the book, the package is $500.

The coop and hens are sold on our rental return terms. Meaning that, if after 6 weeks, you decide keeping chooks is not for you, you can return it and get your deposit back (see Renting for more information on how renting works).

The standard coop measures 1.8m long and approximately 1m wide/high and is designed for 2 chooks. You can also purchase the coop without chooks if you already have your own chooks or want to find a special breed yourself.

Why is it called the Eco-Coop? See Being Green for more information about how our coops are sustainably made.