Tamper resistant mice and rat bait stations




Good management of feed is the best and easiest way to avoid mice and rat problems.  However, if you live near a shopping centre or river you might benefit from some extra help.  These are tamper resistant, meaning that without the key you have to break into them with a hefty screwdriver and so baits are kept away from inquisitive pets and children.

They hold 4 or 8 commercial rodent baits, the extra baits are sold separately (4 for $10).   How long the baits last depends on how many rats/mice you need to poison.  When they run out, bring the bait station back to me and we can recharge it for you or exchange your one for a refilled one.

These stations come pre-baited with 4 baits for immediate use if you would like it double baited please order extra baits.