Henrun Kit



If you think you might want make a henrun for your chooks we sell all the bits. A normal henrun comprises a gate, a roll or two of chookwire and stakes every 1-1.5m.  Prices for bits are:

  • Gate (including gateposts, hinges and a latch) – $70
  • 1200mm x 25mm tomato stakes – $4 each
  • 1200mm x 50mm heavy duty stakes – $9 each
  • 1500mm x 50mm heavy duty stakes – $10 each
  • 10m roll of chicken wire (900mm high) – $24 each

Just add this item to your order and I will bring enough parts to do the job. Once we have decided what you need I will add up the bits you keep and take the rest back.

If I’m delivering the coop, depending on time availability I can install at henrun for you ($60 per hour) or, if not, I will give you some hints to make installation easy.