Chook Start-up Package




Have your own coop and want to get started?

Chook Start-up Package comprises:

2 hens;

A feeder and waterer;

20Kg Certified Organic layer mash; and

Some straw.

Everything you need to get you started keeping chooks in your backyard, including all the advice and help you need to make it a success.  Extra hens are available for $40 each.

What about the ‘rent’ bit?  Well, if after 6 – 8 weeks you are finding the plan didn’t go as expected I will take the chooks back and find them a new home and give you $10 per chook refund.  If you keep them for 2-6 months and return them, I will take them free of charge.  If you want me to take back older birds I will have to add them to my personal flock and that will cost you a case of beer.