How Renting Works

How Renting Works

We offer a rental service to allow people to try keeping chooks to see if it suits them without having to commit to keeping them permanently.

Like a try-before-you-buy option, what happens is you buy the Eco-Coop package outright (a coop, 2 hens, feeder, waterer, food and straw) but have 6 weeks to decide if keeping chooks is right for you, your lifestyle, your garden etc.

For $100 plus a $400 deposit ($500 total)* we will supply you (providing advice and answering questions) a fully equipped Eco-Coop complete with 2 hens and all their requirements.  Also included in the packageis a copy of Backyard Chickens – How to Keep Happy Hens.

This means that if you need to convince a spouse or partner you can say (with your hand on your heart) “It only costs us $100 to give it a go Dear, and if it doesn’t work out, they will take the coop and chooks back.”  (Well, if I’m honest, it’s $130 as you keep the book, but that doesn’t sound as cool).

The period of rental is 6 weeks, however this time can be changed by arrangement.

So basically, all you need to do is purchase the Eco-Coop Package and give it a test drive!

Note:   The rental return option applies to all of the coops we sell, not just the standard (2 hen) coop.  You have the same option with the Midi coop (up to 4 hens).

“But what happens if I just want to buy?” no problem, all the coops and other products are offered for sale as well as rent have a look at the Eco Products catalog. The renting is just an option to return the chooks if it doesn’t work out for you.

*Plus delivery (please see below)

Terms and Conditions

The fine print, please read.

  • A rental fee of $100 and a deposit of $400 (assuming a std coop), covering the full cost of coop, hens and equipment is taken at time of rental and the deposit (less $30 for the book) is returned when the hens and coop are returned in good (rentable) condition.
  • Should the hens die of accident or misadventure (e.g. dog attack while out in the garden) or escape and be lost, replacement hens are $40 each.
  • Delivery is additional to rental/deposit and depends on where we are delivering to please see shipping options for details of the charges. The delivery charge includes setting up in your yard and answering all your questions (to build your confidence in your new venture). Alternatively, we encourage customers to pickup from us in Ryde for no charge if they own, or can borrow, rent or steal a suitable vehicle.
  • Deliveries on Sydney’s outskirts (no offence meant if you live there, but it is further away for us) such as Penrith/Lapstone, Campbelltown etc, cost lots more. Note: it is not always possible for us to arrange deliveries on Sydney’s outskirts.  Call and check though.
  • For other areas, further afield (such as Wollongong and parts of the Central Coast, the Southern Highlands and the Blue Mountains) is usually best done by pickup and many customers have found that the rental cost of a box trailer or ute for a few hours is a lot less than what we would have to charge for delivery.
  • If the rental coop was delivered, then a pickup fee applies ($10 less than the delivery fee) to cover the cost of coming to get the coop and chooks.  This will be deducted from the deposit to be returned.
  • Please Note: Delivery charges assume we can carry the coop to your yard directly. Even the small coop is too wide to fit through a standard household door and the XL is just plain huge.  If in doubt, please let us know beforehand and we can bring a cordless screwdriver to dismantle the coops and reassemble them in the yard.  We charge an extra $10 for the time to do this.
  • Rental customers are most welcome to pickup their coops from me in Ryde, thus avoiding a delivery and pickup fee.
  • The hirer is responsible for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the hens and ensuring that they meet any local council regulations. Please remember that these are live animals and will suffer if neglected or treated badly.  More information on the keeping of chooks can be found on the Chook Keeping page.
  • Water is an essential of life and hens MUST always be provided with a plentiful supply. In hot weather the coop should be relocated to a shady spot and the waterer checked daily. It is also advised to provide an alternate source of water in the garden, again preferably shaded as warm water does not provide a great deal of refreshment.
  • Hens provided are at ‘point-of-lay’ or of laying age and are chosen from breeds and cross-breeds known for their laying potential. Rentachook does not guarantee the birds will lay unless they are fed the feed we provide as many stockfeeds do not contain enough protein despite being described as “layer” mix, mash or pellets.  As time goes by there are also a number of factors affect a hens laying (e.g. hens lay fewer eggs in autumn and winter and more in spring and summer) and laying is not always constant. Extremes of weather also commonly impact on laying.
  • Rental coops are supplied with 2 hens of a well known laying breed/cross-breed, usually Isabrowns. Point of lay hens will normally start laying within 4 weeks, however this depends on the bird, the time of year, and other factors.