How Buying Works

Products for Sale – Coops, Chooks, Certified Organic Feed

Rentachook (Rent-a-chook) is basically sell-a-chook with the option of return-a-chook if you dont want-a-chook!  The idea is, you buy the coop and chooks, but if it doesn’t work out (for any reason at all) you can return it/them within the first 6 weeks and receive your full deposit back.  Like a try before you buy option (with a fee).

For a detailed description of how the renting works see the Renting page.

However (if you have already made the decision to keep chooks) we sell:

  • An Eco-Coop Package which comprises a coop and 2 hens and extras;
  • An Eco-Coop chicken coop on its own (Std);
  • A Mid size Eco-Coop designed for up to 4 hens (Middie);
  • A Gate to let you into your henrun (without having to step over the fence) if you wish to make your own henrun;
  • A Henrun Kit;
  • Chooks on their own, for those brave enough to build their own coops;
  • Tooth files for when the hen’s teeth get too long and sharp;
  • Flatpack chicken coops in Std, Middie and XL size for customers around Australia (outside Sydney);
  • Freezedried and Shrinkwrapped Laying Hens for transport around Australia (just add water and foom!  Hens, ready to lay!);
  • Certified Organic Chookfeed; and
  • Chicken Medications etc.

Eco-Coop Features

The Eco-Coop is a fox-proof, portable chicken coop designed for the suburban backyard and provides for all of the everyday needs for the chooks:

  • Protection from foxes at night (most important);
  • A perch to sleep on;
  • A nest to lay eggs in; and
  • Shelter, a place to call home.

The coop is easy to move around the yard (if you want a lawnmowing service), or can just be left in one spot.

All coops sold (except flatpacks) come with:

  • A feeder and waterer made from reused milk and juice bottles;
  • A bag of feed (reused shopping bag actually); and
  • A bag of straw (usually a stockfeed bag).

The Eco-Coop Package

The Eco-Coop package costs $500 (plus delivery) to buy outright and comprises a standard chicken coop and 2 hens, feed, straw, feeder and waterer, and a copy of Backyard Chickens – How to Keep Happy Hens.  Basically all you need to start keeping chooks in your backyard.

We set you up, we answer your questions and we encourage you to call us if you have any questions after we’ve gone.  The package can either be delivered (see delivery below) or picked up from me in Ryde (see pickup below).

The standard coop measures 1.8m long and approximately 1m wide/high and is designed for 2 chooks*.

Standard Coop on its own

You can also purchase the coop on its own for $480 if you already have your own chooks or want to find a special breed yourself. $450 if you already have a copy of Backyard Chickens.

Middie Coop

If you think that at some stage you might want to keep more than 2 hens, you might be interested in a larger coop. These are made to the same design as the Eco-Coop but are 1.3m wide/high (quite a bit bigger).

The Middie Coop is 1.8m long and designed for up to 4 chooks*.  Middie Coops are $550 for the coop package (this includes 2 hens, feeder and waterer, Backyard Chickens book, as well as some straw and food to get you started).

Extra chooks are sold separately at $30 per chook when you purchase a coop (otherwise $40 per chook).

When deciding how many chooks to purchase, consider that a chook lays most eggs in its first three laying years (from 6 months old to 4 years old approx) and then the egg laying declines after that.

If you buy the maximum number of chooks a coop will hold initially, then you won’t be able to expand your flock at a later date to maintain your egg supply.  For this reason we suggest that (even if you get a larger coop) you start with 2 or 3 chooks.  This way you will have space to add more chooks in a few years time.  I call this keeping a rolling flock.


At Rentachook we supply coops with a hybrid/crossbreed hen called an ISA Brown. These are renowned for their egg laying (they hold the world record for the most eggs laid by a chook in a year!) and they are placid (get along well with kids and other pets). The perfect variety for first time chook keepers.  Believe it or not there is such a thing as a patented chicken and ISA Browns are the patent product.  On the rare occasion that ISA Browns are unavailable, we supply another hybrid that is essentially identical to an ISA, being bred from the same parent breeds.

All birds are sold at ‘point of lay’ or laying, usually between 16 and 20 weeks old. The chooks have been vaccinated, had their wings clipped, and cost $40 per hen. Please note that for the wellbeing of the chooks I do not keep them in stock all the time and get them from the farm to order (I usually do a chook pickup once a fortnight and need a few days notice to ensure enough are available).  There can also be times when we can’t supply hens because I’m fussy about the birds we sell and if someone supplies me with sick or unsatisfactory hens I won’t buy from them again for a looooong time.

We sell chooks separately if you have your own coop.

Flatpack Coops – For Freight Anywhere in Australia

We offer the Standard and the Middie coop in flatpack form for freight anywhere in Australia.  Coops include feeder and waterer (but not food and straw) and the price covers the time it takes for us to disassemble them and prepare them for freight.

They are easy to assemble and come with assembly instructions but you will need a cordless drill (screwdriver) or a strong wrist.

To open the package up when it arrives, just remove the screws marked with an X in black texta.

Standard coop flatpack = $480, Middie Flatpack = $530

I’m afraid that we no longer have a long distance freight company since our one closed and while we are happy to prepare the coop for freight, customers will need to organise their own freight.  For country areas we have found that local freight and removals companies usually offer an excellent price and service.  If the freight company requires wrapping in cardboard, I have to charge for the time it takes to do that (usually about $40).

Freezedried and Shrinkwrapped Laying Hens

How do I transport the chooks to interstate customers, I hear you ask?  Well, I have perfected a technique of taking a point-of-lay hen, freeze drying and shrink wrapping it and posting it anywhere.  Just add water and, hey presto, foom! You have a laying hen ready to go.

How funny would that be!  Actually, the best way to find a local supplier is to make inquiries at your local stockfeed supplier as they usually have networks for chooks – had you going though.

Henrun Gate

If you would like to make your own henrun, for $80 we will sell you a gate (with hinges and a latch) and two 1.2m hardwood gate posts. What you do is hammer the gateposts into the ground, attach the gate and latch and then attach chookwire, hey presto, you can make your henrun as big as you like (and/or move it around).

Henrun Kit

We sell chookwire, stakes etc to make a henrun.  If you think you might want a henrun, ask me to bring the bits when I deliver the coop and if you change your mind I will take them home.  Depending on time availability, I can even install it for you ($60 per hour for labour, most henruns take an hour or so to install) or failing that I will give you some hints and tricks to make installation easier.

Tooth File

Chickens are fierce creatures that grow long and sharp teeth that need to be filed down regularly.  We sell files designed just for this purpose at $10 per file.  Files are invisible, weigh nothing, and all money raised is given to charity.

NB: I’m kidding, hens don’t have teeth.  I had this up on the website for years without a disclaimer and had heaps of orders for tooth files!  Oops, just my sense of humour.

Certified Organic Stockfeed

Rentachook is one of the few in Sydney that can supply Certified Organic stockfeed.  If you want convincing of the virtues of going organic, just ask me, I’m happy to bore you rigid on the subject.  If you want to read my ruminations on the subject, please see the Chook Keeping page.

You pay a premium for it to be organic, but given the benefits, I obviously think it is worth it.  Especially because (with a couple of hens) you are only likely to need three or four bags a year (depending on how many of the native wood pigeons you end up feeding!).

100% certified organic stockfeed comes in 20kg bags for $40 each.  For the vegetarians I can also supply totally animal product free, vegetarian feed for the same price.

Prices of feeds fluctuate quite a bit with droughts etc and so these prices are not fixed.  I try to absorb the price changes though as it saves mucking about.

Feed can only be picked up from me in Ryde since the courier company I used for many years went Kafut.  It is available 24/7 but you need to contact me via text to 0409 246 651 and I’ll call you to explain how it works.

The preferred option for payment is electronic funds transfer to my account, with your name as the reference so I can identify you (COD is fine for pickup). See the Contact Us page for contact details.

Chook Medications

I sell a number of products to promote and maintain chook health.  I don’t recommend you buy any of them unless you have a sick chook (or are a must-have-everything type of person).

I also sell worming tablets (you should worm your chooks once a quarter).  $10 buys you a year’s supply of worming tablets for two hens.

For a full list view our product catalog.

Delivery and Pickup

For full details on this please visit the Shipping Information page on our site.