COVID-19 - Massive uptake of home chooks

1 April 2020.  In the past week Rentachook has been smashed with enquiries about availability of hens.  I could have sold any hens I could get many times over.  Even my largest and most reliable suppliers have none available and no idea when that will change.

If you want to go on a waitlist, I will call you when I have healthy, point of lay ISA Browns (or other laying crossbreeds).  For a profit of less than $10 per hen, I’m not going to go for hens that are heavily de-beaked or I’m otherwise not happy with.  Good hens or not at all I’m afraid.

Please text ‘waitlist’ and your name to 0409 246 651 and I will add you to the list.  This is not a commitment, just leaving your number so I will call to see if you want some once they are back in stock.

Your other option is to check Gumtree.  Expect to pay around $40 per hen and to be picking them up from Sydney’s northwest or southern edges.  Check to see they look bright eyed and engaged and if they have small (sawtooth) combs on the top of their heads they are likely to be younger than the vendor claims.  This will mean a delay in onset of laying.

I still have coop packages available but I’m lucky enough to still have a day job and there may be delays there too.  Good luck, stay home – we’ll get through it.  My grandparents had to go to war, we have to stay home, it can’t be all that bad can it?



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