Contacting Dave

Dear customers and potential customers, I have decided to stop working seven days a week. Slack I know, but the decision is made. I have three sons in school years 6, 7 and 8, a day job and Rentachook and, to top it all, I have a wife who works harder than I do.

This means that, with Rentachook operating at capacity for most of the year, there can be delays in getting deliveries out. It can also mean that I can be hard to get hold of. Actually, let’s be honest, I’m notorious for it. I’ve long given up trying to keep up with the hundreds of emails I get. I wrote a whole book so that all the questions could be answered in one go. Most libraries have it, and all good bookstores.

The best way to get hold of me is via text to 0409 CHOOK1 (0409 246 651). If your order is urgent or relates to a particular date (like a birthday) I will make a big effort, especially if you can give me some lead time.

As regards deliveries, my courier company went Kafut and this means that chookfeed is available for pickup only (in Ryde). Sorry about that. For coop deliveries, I find that I have the time to either deliver the chooks or to make coops, but rarely both.

To pickup a coop from me in Ryde you will need sturdy roof racks, a ute or a box trailer. While it is possible for me to disassemble the coops, they just don’t fit into cars usually. Another (and cheaper) alternative to delivery is renting a box trailer (if you have a towball) or a half day rent of a ute from the local servo.

Yours in poultry,


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