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Sadly, to pay the mortgage I have a day job, bummer I know.  This means that occasionally I am hard to get hold of, and unable to respond to phone calls or answer emails for a few days.  I know this sounds unprofessional, but I work as an environmental consultant/adviser and started Rentachook as a hobby. I also have three small boys (my Bubbas – Hamish (Mr Snoobit) 10yo, Alexander (Zuzzy) 9yo and Edward (Ted Bear) 8yo (as at December 2015)) Yes, it was 3 boys in 3 years!  I love the Bubbas dearly and they can be demanding of my time.


Because I work at my day job in the city during the week, I will not always be able to take calls, but will try to call you back as soon as I can.  This also means that deliveries and pickups of coops and hens are by appointment only, but can often be arranged mid week as I don’t work full time. Please Note: Sunday is Family Day in the Ingham household and please do not call on a Sunday.  Working two jobs, you will understand that Sunday is downtime.


For orders

Please try to use the shopping cart, it is technology and it occasionally chucks a wobbly.  If it doesn’t work for you, email or call.

For questions

Please have a look at the What To Expect page and the FAQ’s first, as I’ve put a lot of effort into describing what to expect from keeping chooks.

Send us a message



Please complete the contact-us form at the top right of this page or DON’T email  Instead, please email my name (Dave) to get through to me.  The reason for this subterfuge is that chooks@rentachook is a magnet for spam an I got sick of wading through it. Please include a contact number with all emails as I often call back rather than type (one finger at a time).  I’m afraid at times when Rentachook is busy there can be a delay in me replying to emails and contact-us forms as email is not my strongest point. To explain, I get 80 – 100 proper emails a week and I can reply to most of these in a good week.  I never seem to be able to get through all of the inquiries, meaning that some emails go unanswered each week.  If you don’t get a reply, don’t be despondent, give it another go. Be a squeaky wheel, you will get oiled eventually! If your inquiry is urgent please email me at (my name) or text 0409 246 651 and put the word urgent in the title.



Currently, the business is being run from my house in Denistone, near West Ryde Station (if you are meeting me there I will give you the address).  This means that if you are coming to me you will need to call first.


We accept cash, cheque and direct deposit.  I have ditched my EFTPOS facility as I was sick of the amounts I gave to the bank each month for it.  I either had to swallow the charge or pass it on, I chose option 3. Don’t be dismayed if I’m hard to track down, I’ll happily answer any chook question you may have. Also, if I seem a little disorganised, that’s because I am! Dave

Contact Details


0409 CHOOK1 (0409 246 651).