If I have a sick chook what should I do?

Run around like a.........just kidding. My experience with most vets is that they know little more about chooks than you could read about in a book, but charge for the service of reading it for you. There are some exceptions but you should check on the level of expertise before you front up with your wallet open.

Library books on chook keeping are good, as is the internet (beware netachondria). My experience is either a chook will get better or it won’t and there is not much you can do.

You can add a little crushed garlic to their water, it is good for the immune system. Also, isolating the sick chook in a cardboard box (as big as you can find) with plenty of food and water can help. This will reduce the chance of infection of the rest of the flock and ensure the sick one doesn’t have to compete for food.

The most common disease is Coccidosis, see this FAQ.

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