What diseases do chooks get?

I’m sure they can get lots of things but the only disease that commonly crops up is Coccidosis. Occasionally, after wet weather, they can get a scarily named disease called Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) but despite its intimidating name it is really only the chook version of a head cold and they usually get over it in a couple of weeks. CRD is pretty rare in my experience.

Coccidiosis they get from native pigeons and other birds and is relatively common. With a mild infection they will go off the lay and this can often be treated with a clove of garlic in their water (peel it but don’t crush). Garlic is a wonderful restorative and can be given occasionally to boost their immune system. With a more serious infection the chook will look crook, hunker down, have a pale floppy comb etc. This requires treatment and we sell medication.

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