Do the chooks need a commercial feed?

Yes. Isabrowns and other crossbred laying hens cannot survive on kitchen scraps and garden scratching alone. They are bred to lay an egg a day and need certain things such as sufficient protein and calcium (for the shells) in their diet.

If they don’t get enough of the right things in the right proportions, firstly they won’t lay eggs for you, and eventually they will lose condition and can even starve to death. Mixing chook food is art and science and with the right diet chooks will lay well and stay healthy.

Think in terms of the bought feed being the staple (or backbone) of their diet, and the food scraps (and bugs, grubs, plant nibbling etc) being the treats that make the eggs taste so good. Without the staple you won’t get the eggs, without the treats the eggs won’t taste as good (not bad, just not as great).

We sell a certified organic feed that has been formulated to keep backyard hens laying for as long as possible. Most of our customers do not cull their chooks when they are not performing to the expected standard and so want their pets to lay as long as possible.

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