What can/can’t I feed my chooks?

Chooks eat almost anything from your household, kitchen scraps, including the contents of the 'land at the back of the fridge' (take away dinners, pizza etc, they love it!). Don’t be afraid to feed chooks meat, pasta, cheese or an ex-curry, they are robust eaters and will give most things a go.

Chooks also supplement their diet with scratchings from your garden (they will eat weeds better than a rotary hoe and devour recurring pests such as Onion Weed and Wandering Dew).

I read somewhere you shouldn’t feed your chooks chocolate, coffee, rhubarb or avocado but after lots of scouring various sources of information that is all I have been able to find. Chooks are selective eaters and won’t eat things that are bad for them.

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