What about mice and rats?

Don’t forget possums too – the blighters! Mice, rats and possums come for excess food. All three are commonly found in suburban backyards but if you leave excess food out they get comfortable, take up residence and breed.

For this reason, we recommend that the kitchen scraps be given to the chooks in the morning so they can eat through them during the day. Furry pests are generally come-out-at-night types so if there are any scraps left over in the evening, scoop them up.

Most customers have no furry pest problems. However, we sell coops to people in inner city, older suburbs like Newtown as well as near creeks and rivers, and these are high rat/mice areas anyway.

Baits are the solution and we sell tamper resistant bait stations that are designed to keep pets and children out. We also sell the baits for them – the rats, not the children!

Otherwise, for many years I used the bait throwpacks you buy from the supermarket. They work well and even with dozens of chooks, a parrot and a dog we kept rats under control. The only trick is that you need to make sure you put them in pet-inaccessible places. I learned this the hard way, the dog got into them on two occasions and the vet bills were painfully expensive.

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