What do you do with a hen that is no longer laying?

Depends on you really. Traditionally, the older hens are culled and go into a big pot with a couple of rocks. Boil for ages, throw out the chooks and eat the rocks!

If you are up for culling older hens you can do it, but we don’t provide a cull and replacement service for you. Mostly, older hens just become decorative garden ornaments until they die of natural causes.

The best solution is to keep a rolling flock. A rolling flock is where you start with a couple of chooks (or 3) and a larger (mid size or XL) coop. When you are not getting as many eggs as you want, you add a couple more hens (usually 2-3 years later). By the time you are up to adding chooks the second time, one or more of your original hens has usually flown to the celestial coop.

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