Yes, here it is.  In order to save you time (and me breath), I have attempted to answer the most common questions I get from intending poultry neophytes.

These answers are based on over 20 years experience keeping chooks and 12 years selling them (rather than in depth research into the topic).  If I’m wrong on something (and you know better) please feel free to raise it with me, but expect a discussion to ensue!  Also, there may be a trick question or two in here, be aware.

Please note: the categories were selected while I was hunched over the laptop, late at night, beer in hand, and may be a little counterintuitive.

Dave (Mr Chicken) Ingham

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
31My first eggs are soft shelled, small or deformed is this a problem?Chooks
32My hen is losing feathers (or is scruffy looking and scrawny) is this something to worry about?Chooks
33What about cats?Problems
34What about mice and rats?Chooks
35What can/can’t I feed my chooks?Diet
36What diseases do chooks get?Diseases
37What do you do with a hen that is no longer laying?Chooks
38What does a sick chook look like?Diseases
39What happens when a chook is debeaked and why is it done?Chooks
40What if I don’t want the chooks to roam across the whole backyard?Coops
41Why are the coops not made from treated timber?Coops
42Will the chooks attract flies?Chooks
43Will the chooks attract snakes?Chooks